Fitness Center Management

Let Premise Health do the heavy lifting with our full-service management solution for your onsite fitness center. We handle all digital and in-person activities, member engagement, and ongoing strategic planning so you can reap the benefits of an experienced partner and program that’s custom-made for your people.

We’ll take it from here, so you don’t have to.

We handle every aspect of managing your onsite fitness center, whether you’re starting from square one or taking an existing program to the next level. Our comprehensive services start with implementation and span through operations management to keep your fitness facility running at its best. Our experienced fitness center management team is highly collaborative and tailors each solution to your vision, goals, and objectives.

Full-service corporate fitness center management.

Meaningful innovation

We serve as your eyes and ears in the fast-paced fitness industry. We’ll keep you plugged in to the latest trends in equipment, programming, and technology while balancing an engaging member experience with a low-pressure environment for fitness services. With an innovative approach, we work with you to build an active culture that keeps members excited.

Inclusive care

We focus on creating something for everyone, so that all members feel welcome at your fitness center. Our integration with the primary care ecosystem allows us to connect with members who aren’t regular gym-goers and introduce them to physical activity. We know how fitness can help your chronically ill and high-risk members cut healthcare costs because we’ve done it before.

Proven partner and trusted advisor

With over 35 years of experience, we have a proven track record of managing successful corporate fitness centers and driving positive outcomes that impact the health of both your employees and your business. Our team will partner with you to ensure your program is forward thinking and meets the needs of your organization as they change over time.

Exciting programs

Driving participation and retention by offering simple, fun options is our daily goal. In addition to typical fitness center program options, our approach includes a wide variety of activities that fit your culture to keep things fresh and interesting. Plus, we offer a host of virtual fitness and wellness services so members can fit in a workout no matter where they are.

Our fitness center management product includes:

  • Implementation project management
  • Staffing, team management, and development
  • Facility and risk management
  • Strategic program planning
  • Industry insights and best practices
  • Group exercise classes
  • Personal and group training
  • Fitness assessments and coaching
  • Marketing and member recruitment
  • Health and wellness vendor integration
  • Challenges and competitions
  • Recreation and event management
  • On-demand and livestream virtual classes
  • Program data trends and reporting

Comprehensive products for everyone.

We’re proud to offer the widest range of products of any direct healthcare provider. Our customized approach means organizations can tailor their offerings to the specific needs of their people and their families.

Primary Care

Convenient checkups, wellness advice, condition management, and focused care.


Faster, easier fills with one-on-one counseling and education.

Connected Care+

Using data to connect comprehensive care across the entire ecosystem.

Behavioral Health

Identify and treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more.

Occupational Health

Improving safety, driving productivity, and preventing injury.


Specialists with early intervention focus and customized wellness programs.


Full-service centers and digital touchpoints that motivate participation.


Easy, convenient ways to promote healthy living and whole-person care.

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