Services designed to prevent, identify, and treat injuries.

Treating the cause.

Musculoskeletal health challenges can affect anyone in any setting. By identifying key signs and symptoms, we can get ahead of work-related and off-the-job injuries and stay one big, important step ahead of elevated healthcare costs.

Making prevention part of the everyday.

Your workforce will benefit from the breadth and depth of our prevention solutions. And members are never far from help with onsite and nearsite locations, as well as virtual access through our Digital Wellness Center.

Responsive care experience

Our providers are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of injuries, and can help show members how to manage and prevent them in the future.

Tailored wellness programs

We uniquely offer exams and screenings to help identify the risk of future conditions while pursuing the benefits of more holistic care to support peak performance and optimal outcomes. Our programs serve the whole person and can be designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Customizable and accessible

With the widest range of services of any direct healthcare provider and a cross trained provider team, you can fully customize the solutions offered to your population’s  unique needs with multiple in-person or virtual access points.

No one offers more ways to help.


Our credentialed acupuncturists incorporate time-tested treatments to relieve acute and chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and more.


Our chiropractic teams treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions to address pain and alignment issues with evaluations, adjustments, and rehabilitative procedures.


Our licensed clinical massage therapists offer both stress and pain relief for a variety of acute and chronic conditions to support healthy, productive workforces.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy teams prevent and treat workplace injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, and strains.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists reduce the risk of future injuries and help get members back to work, and life, faster.

Wherever, whenever, however you need it.

A wider range of care products helps large organizations serve a broader scope of needs, making it convenient and easy for every member to access that care through nearby facilities or digital touchpoints that connect to their lives is key to improved outcomes.

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