Energize your workforce with the power of health.

The foundation for better choices.

Making healthier choices and changing behaviors is foundational to Premise Health’s approach to medical care and disease prevention. That’s why our wellness programs focus on managing nutrition, stress, physical activity, and relationships. We emphasize a whole person approach, keeping the healthy well, and giving guidance to those who need a little extra help.

Through our lifestyle medicine approach, we provide services ranging from wellness coaching and nutrition to biometric screenings and beyond. When wellness is a priority, you retain top talent and reduce overall healthcare spend.

Organizations thrive when members are well.

Motivation Matters

The purpose of a wellness coaching program is to proactively engage with members and help them make positive changes, while keeping them accountable. Our wellness coaches help members quit smoking, develop healthy nutrition habits, and take a leading role on their path to wellbeing. Whatever the need, our coaches are there for your members – to help motivate, provide support, and celebrate successes. Creating a culture of wellness helps you stay competitive in the job market while attracting top talent.

Proactive Chronic Condition Management

Chronic conditions affect nearly half of all Americans and a solution is needed now. That’s where our condition management program comes in – we treat type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and more. We provide fast start enrollment, individual or group programs, and close care gaps. Our chronic condition management program supports evidence-based medication adherence that helps your members get well and stay well.

Positive Change Starts from Within

At Premise, we have registered dietitians on staff who use their expertise to help members achieve positive lifestyle changes through evidence-based practices. Our providers use the power of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for prevention, treatment, and chronic condition management. MNT is linked to improved outcomes, reduced healthcare and medication costs for people with chronic illnesses. Positive changes start from within and with the right education, and know-how, your members will feel the difference nutrition makes in their lives.

Unconditional Support

Wellness coaching is a powerful relationship that enables members to discover more about themselves, learn new skills, and set and achieve goals that move them closer to their highest wellbeing. The foundation of wellness coaching is an open and trusting relationship between coach and member. Whether its face-to-face or virtual interactions, your members get an unlimited number of wellness coaching visits based on their needs.

Our wellness offerings include:

  • Biometric screenings
  • Wellness coaching
  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Health promotion and program management
  • Condition management

Related Products

Biometric Screenings

From full lipid panels, body composition, blood pressure, and blood glucose tests, we conduct biometric risk assessment tests to keep an eye on your overall health.

Wellness Coaching

Our wellness coaches help members with weight control, stress, exercise, medical condition management, smoking cessation, and work-life balance that contribute to overall better health and wellbeing.


Through group nutritional classes or individual sessions, our nutritionists tailor the right solutions for each member’s unique needs.

Wellness Program Management

By driving program utilization, and setting clearly defined goals, our wellness program managers help organizations reduce healthcare costs, increase employee retention, and promote productivity.

Wherever, whenever, however you need it.

A wider range of care products helps large organizations serve a broader scope of needs, making it convenient and easy for every member to access that care through nearby facilities or digital touchpoints that connect to their lives is key to improved outcomes.

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