Virtual Pharmacy

Say hello to a pharmacy solution that does more than deliver prescriptions. Our expert pharmacists deliver personalized consultation experience you’d expect from a local pharmacy, with the benefit of being 100% virtual.

Removing barriers to expert help.

Whether it’s long lines, high costs, or a disconnect from their pharmacist, lots of factors contribute to whether or not someone fills and adheres to their prescribed medications. 

By putting one-on-one access to a virtual pharmacist in the palms of your members’ hands, you give them access to a professional who can ensure they have enough medication on hand and provide the support needed to empower them to take medication the right way. As a result, you’ll see boosted health outcomes, faster recoveries, and reduced unnecessary medical and prescription spend. 

Consult with a pharmacist from the comfort of home.

See just how easy it is to get support with Premise Health’s remote pharmacy services. Members nationwide can get tailored answers to their prescription questions and condition-specific coaching without the long drive or waiting in line.

Personalized and connected for your digitally driven life.

Our virtual pharmacy empowers members to work directly with Premise-employed clinical pharmacists for questions and coaching, request and fill their prescriptions remotely, and receive medications to their door, all from the comfort of home.

Prescription convenience redefined

Combining digital pharmacy services and medication home-delivery cuts down on the time members spend standing in line at the pharmacy or waiting for follow-up appointments, so they can spend more time with their friends and family.

Holistic approach

Our expert pharmacists receive behavior change training and work with other Premise providers on the care team, including a member’s primary care provider, to build a cohesive plan that helps them reach their health goals. 


Proactive support

Members juggling multiple medications for chronic conditions can sync their medications with the support of a clinical pharmacist, cutting down on the refills they must juggle and resulting in improved health outcomes. 

Care for your whole population

Get pharmacy care from anywhere – our digital pharmacy service isn’t only accessible to employees nationwide, but their families too! With proactive prescription delivery, we make it easier than ever to get care for everyone in your organization. 


Technology-enabled pharmacy services.

Whether it’s a secure chat with a pharmacist to answer questions or convenient prescription delivery, our virtual pharmacy solution equips members to take control of their health journey, all from the device in their pocket.

    • Home prescription delivery
    • Scheduled video or phone consultations
    • Secure messaging
    • Treatment monitoring and follow-up
    • Behavior change coaching
    • Simple prescription transfer
    • 90-day refills
    • Disease-specific education
    • Medication adherence and support

Digital health is transforming.

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