Virtual Behavioral Health

Increasing access to mental health resources​ is a top priority for more organizations every year. With virtual behavioral health at Premise Health, a centralized team of licensed counselors provide evidence-based counseling and solution-focused therapy for members across all 50 states.

A modern solution for emotional health needs.

Providing high-quality mental health services for your employees and their family is easier than you might think. Virtual behavioral health connects members to licensed behavioral health counselors from the comfort of home or on-the-go so they can get help for a variety of needs, including two of the most common diagnoses: anxiety and depression.

That means that no matter where your workforce is physically located – whether in the office or a remote environment – providing a digital solution will ensure they can get mental health support when and where it’s most convenient for them.

Your counselor, at your fingertips.

Skip the drive and get counseling anywhere you’re comfortable. Explore how simple it is for members in all 50 states to schedule a virtual counseling appointment on the My Premise Health app.

Benefits for employees and organizations alike.

Convenient, comprehensive care

Virtual counselors can deliver the same type of care as an onsite behavioral health provider, including helping their patients manage stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, sleep issues, work/life balance, family conflict, parenting concerns, adjustment challenges, and learning difficulties.

Counseling services wherever you are

Members can schedule flexible 30- to 60-minute counseling appointments taken via video or phone call. Whether they only need a few sessions or continuing help, our counselors work collaboratively with members to build a tailored treatment plan that meets their needs at a frequency that’s best for them.

A holistic approach to primary care

Behavioral health paired with primary care is essential for any organization that aims to offer holistic health benefits. At Premise, both providers work alongside one another to treat the whole person mind, body, and spirit. Primary care teams are trained to recognize mental health concerns and make seamless referrals to counselors for treatment.

Technology-enabled solutions

The My Premise Health app makes virtual behavioral health possible by giving members integrated access to their providers and healthcare appointments in one convenient place. Through our secure platform, members can schedule and attend counseling appointments with the touch of a button, anywhere in the U.S.

Virtual counseling that meets you where you are:

  • Evidence-based, solution-focused psychotherapy
  • Primary care support
  • Collaborative care management
  • Psychosocial assessments and treatment plans
  • Screenings for suicide, depression, anxiety, and others
  • Psychological testing and assessments
  • Specialist referral and monitoring
  • Crisis intervention facilitation

Digital health is transforming.

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